Wow A $400M Mistake With No Regrets Facebook Zucherbergs College Dorm Mate

Wow A $400M Mistake With No Regrets Facebook Zucherbergs College Dorm Mate

Really, how many people in the entire world could make a $400M mistake and have no regrets. In this video Joe Green seems sincere.

He wasn’t dumb. Leaving college to do a start-up is a huge gamble. Most end up failing, and nobody could have predicted Facebook becoming what it was today. If I was Zuckerberg’s roommate and he told me that he was going to build a social network, I would respond, “why do we need another MySpace?”

And remember: Joe Green is a very smart, driven, hard-working person, and a Harvard diploma can take you very far in life. He hardly lost in the grand scheme of things. Chuck Moyes BloomberBusiness Technology

Some say timing is everything and that could have very well been the case here.


“Had Facebook appeared a year earlier or a year later, it would not have succeeded, and we would all still be using Myspace.”

Chuck Moyes, BloombergBusiness Technology

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