WordPress Basics Adding Pages-Post-Pics-Videos & Hyperlinks

Wordpress Basics How To Add Pages, Post, Pictures, Videos And Hyperlinks To Your Website.

Adding content to your website may seem complicated, but this short video will take away the fear and help your website come alive in no time.

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woo-themes-wordpressClicking and typing is as complicated as it gets with wordpress blogs.

First lets talk about the difference between pages and post.

Pages are your basic blog structure, they are kind of set them and forget them. Page titles show up on the menu of your blog, unlike blog post titles.

You want to seriously lay your blog out and think about your menu and what you want people to be able to access from anywhere on your website.

Remember, pages and post rank on the search engines not the entire website. So if there is information you prefer people to get when the visit, make sure it is a page and can be accessed from your menu.

WordPress Basics Adding Pages-Post-Pics-Videos & Hyperlinks

Lets start with basic wordpress content addition, for example to add pages or post without pictures or videos, just type in the title, type what you want to say below, click publish and your done.

Now that you have finished and looked at the final product, you feel it would look better with a picture, just go back to edit, put your cursor where you want the image and click on the little camera above the content box and the title. Select a file from your computer, choose the size, alignment and insert, done again.

You would think adding a video would be more complicated than any of the things we have already gone over, right, not!

Not when you add a plugin called “viper video quicktags”….it inserts your video, sizes it and generally makes it look nice.

Install the plugin, now choose a video you want to insert from youtube and copy the url.

Go to the post or page you want to add video, click on the youtube icon on right above content box, paste url and click ok….you are done.

Click save draft, preview and you will see your video looking fantastic on your new website.

You should be feeling pretty good now, so lets talk hyperlinks.

The video on this page explains how to create links easily to pics on your wordpress site.

To create your own text link fast and easy use this code below.

<a href=”https://workwithjimwhittaker.com”>Put Your Text Here</a>

Put your link between the ” marks and enter your text between the >   < do not change anything else and you are good to go.

There is also a video in the free training that explains how to use myspace link generator to do the same thing, but using the link above should be easy enough.

Hope you found value in this video, leave a comment.

As always to your health wealth and happiness.

WordPress Basics Adding Pages-Post-Pics-Videos & Hyperlinks