Top Network Marketers Vs Average Network Marketers

Top Network Marketers Vs Average Network Marketers

To compare top network marketers to average network marketers first we need to look at the traits and habits of each.

Let’s start with average network marketers the first thing you will find is lack of a plan and not treating network marketing is a real business.

Many times newbie network marketers have unrealistic goals, especially for the short-term. As one of my mentors puts it, their short-term goals are too high and their long-term goals are too low.

There is statistical proof in this is that most (97%) network marketers never earned a profit and last about a year. If they realize that the average network marketer that has been doing it for five years or more brings in $80,000 a month they may reconsider their goals.

And finally average network marketers lack focus that could be attributed to the previous two traits of an average network marketer.

Their philosophy is more of a thrown up against the walls and see what sticks than a specific day to day actions that get results.

So, what is it about top network marketers that’s different?

If you are struggling in your network marketing business, you realize the answer to that question is not so simple. On the other hand you know someone that is a top network marketer, you know what they’re doing and what they’re saying but you just can’t seem to duplicate it for your own success.

In most cases these top network marketers have taken months and even years to make what they do seem simple and easy. The truth is there pay their dues putting countless hours toward personal growth and education.

Rather than look at what top network marketers are doing now is go back in time and look at what they did to get where they are.

Top Network Marketers Vs Average Network Marketers

The primary skill of any network marketer or business owner for that matter is communication or you could call it selling for salesmanship.

Top network marketers know who their target market is and help to promote in a clear and concise manner, the features, the benefits and how it will help.

Another trait of top network marketers is a genuinely like helping others. If you’ve been around network marketing any time at all you know someone like this, a person that just comes across as trustworthy and caring.

You buy their products and services and you never realize that they even asked you to.

From this top network marketers are able to build solid relationships and create tremendous networks. They surround themselves with the right people.

Top network marketers do not jump from company to company looking for the next best thing, they do their due diligence find a solid organization make a commitment to do what it takes to succeed.

There are many more things that top network marketers do to get where they are but to build truly great a huge teams or must be a system and the ability to duplicate.

It would be impossible to cover everything in one small article and a disservice to you to even try. So I have provided access to additional expanded free content below.

Top Network Marketers Vs Average Network Marketers

I hope you have found value here and are able to identify what separates a top network marketer from an average network marketer. For stopping by my site today I have a bonus “How To Explode Your Network Marketing Business” complete step by step details that uncover network marketing mysteries, absoulutely free. Get your’s now at Top Network Marketer Secrets.

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