Starting an Online Marketing Business from Home Three Types of People Fail

Starting an Online Marketing
Business from Home
Three Types Of People Fail

All of the talk is successful entrepreneur stories in the internet marketing articles, but with 9 out of 10 failures, it is time to analyze what people do, that keep them from succeeding.

There are three types of people written into this article and I would like to use a mountain climbing analogy, as a tribute to my namesake, Jim Whittaker, who was the first American to reach the 29,028 foot summit of Mount Everest in 1963.

First we need to agree on something.  We have all ventured into this business with little or no knowledge, skills or tools. We did not learn internet marketing strategies at home or in school.

We come from all types of backgrounds auto mechanics, realtors, doctors, nurses, teachers, waiters and the list goes on. The point is there is a mountain of information we must learn, tools to acquire and skills to develop. We all start at the bottom of the mountain.

The first personality is the “quitter”. This is the person that is all excited ready to go, telling everyone how great things are going to be when they reach the top of the mountain (have their own business from home), never  giving a thought to what it is involved. They come to the bottom of the mountain, look up and say “Woo, nobody told me it was going to be this hard.” They quit before they ever get started.

The second personality is the “gung ho”. This person is raring to go out of the gate. Nothing has ever stopped them before and this thing they call network marketing is no match for them. When this person comes to the base of the mountain they say “no problem”. They take off running with just the clothes on their back.

No mountain climbing (internet marketing) experience, training or tools. They make it a little ways up the hill and realize, the higher they go the colder it gets, so they need to return to the bottom, get warmer clothes, gloves and boots. Off they go again, this time they make it a little farther, but then a section that is too steep to walk up. They are going to need training and special tools, so once again they return to the bottom.

Now exhausted they realize they are right where they started, have to take time out for training and invest in tools, overwhelmed with their lack of progress from all the work they have done, they quit.

Starting an Online Marketing
Business from Home
Three Types of People Fail

The third personality is “paralysis by analysis”. This person is very organized. They come to the base of the mountain, make a list of all of the things they will need to get to the top. They read every book they can get their hands on for the subject. Search the internet for information, gather tools and supplies.

Now months have gone by and finally they come back to the mountain, but it is the beginning of winter, can’t start the climb now, so they wait. While they are waiting they read more, get more things to assist with the journey. When they return, spring is coming, the snow is melting, too great a chance of avalanche, so they leave the mountain again.

Six months have gone by; they have spent a ton of money, know everything they need to know about being successful, but have never taking one step toward their goal. They quit because they have spent a lot of money and earned nothing in return.

Starting an Online Marketing Business from Home
Three Types of People Fail

All three of these people had two things in common, they were not prepared to do what it takes to finish what they started (reach their goal) and they quit.

None of them realized how great the view is and how fantastic they would feel about themselves, if they could have only made it, because if they did, they would not have given up so easily. They would have found a way.

You see that is really the only difference between those that try and those that make it to the top. We all climb the same mountain and face the same obstacles. Every successful (online marketer) mountain climber has been to the top many times before they ever set foot on the mountain.

In the world of network marketing opportunities, we are all beginning mountain climbers.

When you get to the bottom of the mountain, close your eyes, see yourself on the top looking at the most beautiful view you of your life, feel the exhilaration of what you have just accomplished and before you know it, we will see you at the top.

Begin you climb here, with the information, tools and support you need to get to the top. Watch the FREE Video at “Starting A Successful Online Business From Home” NOW!

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