The Power Of Goals Dream Big & Take Action

The power of the written goal when combined with action is truly amazing. I can personally attest to this fact because I am older than most people reading this article. About twenty five years ago I had the good fortune of being associated with a coach that was a huge fan of Zig Ziggler, so she got our entire team to sign up for the “See You At The Top” course. Thinking back, this was actually my first true mastermind group.

We completed the course in the first quarter of the year and were the top team in our company that year, an honor that we had never captured before. The individual achievements were just as, if not more powerful. More than 50% of the team doubled or even tripled their production from the previous year.

Obviously there was short term success directly related to our mentor, Zig Ziggler and “See You At The Top”, but the thing that blew me away happened years later. I was moving from one home to another, in the process I was going through old boxes getting rid of thing I did not use or need any more. In the process of doing this I came across the “See You At The Top” binder and workbook. Within the pages of this workbook was a page dedicated to your top 100 goals. These were dreams as much as goals the sky was the limit, things like climb Mount Everest. The shocking thing was that I had accomplished a majority of the things on my list, climbing Mount Everest was not one of them, not because I did not look into it over the years, but because I was not willing to put in the time to develop the skills needed to accomplish it. I also was not willing to take the risk and that is ok. Your goals change over time as you grow older and your life and priorities change.

The details of goal setting that you would get from a workshop cannot be communicated in a five hundred word article, so I am going to recommend that you read “The Power of Focus” by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Les Hewitt. They define goal as “the ongoing pursuit of worthy objective until accomplished”. From this book I am going to share with you a top 10 checklist as a foundation for goal setting.

1. Your most important goals must be yours.
2. Your goals must be meaningful.
3. Your goals must be specific and measurable.
4. Your goals must be flexible.
5. Your goals must be challenging and exciting.
6. Your goals must be in alignment with your values.
7. Your goals must be well balanced.
8. Your goals must be realistic. (there are no such thing as unrealistic goals, just unrealistic time frames)
9. Your goals must include contribution
10. You goals need to be supported.

The tenth and final item on the checklist is one that is more difficult. There are a few ways you can have your goals supported, but in my opinion the best way is through a mastermind group or what we call an inner circle. This is a group of proactive individuals that will support and encourage you, do what they can to help you reach your goals through, training, support and accountability. If you do not have a mastermind group or the support you need and would like to become a part of our inner circle click onĀ  The Power Of Goals and find out how you can become a part of our inner circle.

As always to your health, wealth and happiness.

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