Social Media Marketing Facebook Champion Secrets Revealed

Social Media Marketing Facebook Champion Secrets Revealed

facebook marektingFacebook is the number 2 traffic source in the world, so if you are not a Facebook Champion you are losing sales. There are a number of different reports on how many actual users there are on Facebook, but all agree, that there more than 1 billion. How many of those can benefit from your product or service.

To find out, all we need to do is ask. It can be as easy as putting up a post on your on your personal profile page, but that limits you to your friends and family. What if you could develop your own business page, an online presence for you business and market to a specific market? When I say specific, I mean down to the smallest detail, including location, gender, age and interest like biking, cooking and more.

You can also find people who are looking to buy now, a car, motorcycle, home or your product or service. Do you see how your ads can find there way through the billion plus Facebook users to the people that will be ready willing and able to buy your product or service.

As a business owner or sales person, you can choose to become a Facebook Champion or pay a lot of money for someone to do it for you. Since you are on this page, reading this article, I know you understand that you can no longer avoid Facebook marketing.

Social Media Marketing Facebook Champion Secrets Revealed

As a business owner myself, it is not long ago that I was in the same predicament and know it can be overwhelming. Just trying to figure out where to start. The key is to break it down into small projects. Learn and implement one thing at a time.

Step 1 – Begin with setting up your business page, this will be your marketing center. If you have multiple businesses, products or services, you can have a page for each one. You will see the benefits of separating these as you learn more about target marketing and all of the amazing things you can do on Facebook to make sure you hit the bulls eye.

Step 3 – notify your friends and family that you have a business page and ask them to like it. Start posting, give valuable information for free to create interest in your page, generating more likes. Post 1 to 5 post a day, do not spend all day on Facebook! That is the great thing about becoming a Facebook Champion, you will be able to create advertising campaigns that run 24/7 generating sales for you while you sleep.

Step 3 – you are ready to create your first Facebook advertising campaign and ad.

Social Media Marketing Facebook Champion Secrets Revealed

It all sounds easy, 1-2-3, I know, being in your shoes not so long ago. To show my appreciation for you stopping by to read my article, I would like to help you.

I am putting together a free training for my subscriber’s, helping them with the biggest challenge they face, marketing online. That could be Facebook, Google, creating a website, getting traffic, converting sales….whatever it is that you find as your biggest challenge.

You can get your biggest challenge addressed and get a copy of this free training by just filling out a simple survey, letting us know what your Biggest Challenge Is. As a bonus, we will send you a free step by step video guide to setting up your Facebook page and 1st campaign, on your way to becoming a Facebook Champion.

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