Online Marketing One Reason 97% of are Not Profitable

Online Marketing One Reason 97% of are Not Profitable

start an internet marketing business from homeI want to talk about one of the main reasons why 97% of online marketers never make a profit.That is right, only 3% of online marketers actually earn a profit.

The problem is Unrealistic Expectations that cause people to quit much too soon. I have seen it happen way too many times, people quitting right at the brink of success.

The reason that online marketers are not profitable is Unrealistic Expectations. Many people do not look at online marketing as a business, they look at it as a way to get rich quick and approach it as a hobby.

I like to quote Chris Widener, a well known Author and Speaker, “most online marketers have there short term expectations set too high, and long term expectations too low.”

We all come into the internet marketing business seeing videos and reading testimonials of how much income so many others are making and from that, we assume the online marketing business is easy.

Well it is easy, compared to whatever you are doing now as a job, but you must approach it as a business. If you do and you stick with it, the reward will be tremendous.

Online Marketing One Reason 97% of are Not Profitable

The people in those videos may have done it in two months or two years, the point is if it takes you longer but you still get there are you a failure? No, you can not fail unless you quit.

Statistically on average online marketers that have been consistently doing it for 5 years, earn $80,000 a month. So you need to make a long-term commitment, get into a great online marketing training system, give an honest effort (be accountable), take action toward you goal consistently and above all do not quit.

If you are serious and motivated and you can do those four things, then you will be in the 3%. You can join our team of the best internet marketers and top network marketing trainers in the world. Then you can start an internet business from home with the greatest opportunity for success.

Online Marketing One Reason 97% of are Not Profitable

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As always to your health, wealth and happiness.

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