Best MLM Opportunity Is Not MLM Networking Marketing Business Model

Building a full-time income, or even a residual income through the MLM network marketing business model in the Internet age is like trying to fill a leaking bucket – with 97% of distributors spending much more money than they’ll ever make.

It all starts something like this, a friend or relative calls to tell you they have something that you have to see, it is too good to pass up. Next you go to a home party or hotel meeting where there is a lot of excitement. Finally the pitch, you get 5 people and they get 5 people, before you know it you have hundreds in your downline, your organization is 10 generations deep. If each of those people makes only one sale a month, everyone can make one sale a month, right? OK one sale each month for every person in your multilevel marketing opportunity and well you know the dollar amount they are suggestion. If you want to make money mlm network marketing, this is where you are going to do it.

So you sign up for a small fee and buy some products, depending on which mlm network marketing opportunity you join. Now it’s your turn to talk to friends and relatives. So you take all of that excitement and belief that you leave the meeting with, make a list and start calling. These are the words you hear on the other end “no one makes money in that”,”are you out of your mind” “NO” “NO” NO”. You are not going to let a little rejection kill your dreams, you are persistent, and you are going to prove them all wrong. So you keep going, talking to all persons that you come into contact with, eventually from sheer numbers alone, a few people join your organization. Over time you get a few more they get a few more, a few leave, only one makes a sale.Here you are months later, you have spent a lot of money on your opportunity and training, but made little or no money. The problem is the excitement at the initial meeting was based on anticipation not realty. The matrix that you were shown is a paper pipe dream and never for real. It always calculates and shows, a growing downline (never shrinking) and that all members will be productive.

The truth is 1%-3% will actually be successful in your organization. What does that mean to mlm networking marketers? The hotel meeting statement should read “you get 500 and they get 500 and now you may have 25 productive members.

There are good mlm networking marketing companies, but understand that whatever you are told will more than likely need to be multiplied by a hundred to achieve the success you desire and that too, can be accomplished. Not as easy as they make it sound in the meeting, but possible. The key is the internet and learning how to use it to attract those kinds of numbers.Learn how an mlm networking marketing business model creates success for that small percentage of entrepreneurs that learn the secret. If you want to be in the small percentage of successful entrepreneurs, go to; Best MLM Network Marketing Opportunities Solution.

As always to your health, weath and happiness.

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