Michael Vick Makes 1.6 M with the Eagles Can You Make Money From Home Start an Internet Business From Home

All of the talk recently is about whether Michael Vick should be able to play professional football  because he committed a terrible crime, made a huge mistake in his life.

I want to start this article by saying that I love dogs and was horrified by the pictures from the crime committed at Michael Vick’s residence. As an imperfect human being, I also believe in forgiveness, especially for a man that pleaded guilty, took responsibility for his actions and paid the price that society has placed on his crime and continues to pay daily.

He threw away 60 million in endorsements, paid a million to support the animals harmed and lost millions in salary. When all is said and done there is no amount of money that is ever going to get his life back. No matter how great of a football player he is or becomes, he will always be known as the man that committed a terrible crime.

What will you be known as? Are you creating a legacy and if so, good or bad? 

As I talk to people out and about and on the internet social networking sites, I hear from people that don’t have jobs or are losing their house and it seems that they are more concerned with what Michael Vick is doing then where there family is going to live and how they are going to survive.

I feel like they should be asking, ” who is giving me and my family a standing ovation”, but there not because focusing on other peoples problems, makes our own seem not so bad.

As a baby boomer with a dead retirement plan and lost career income, I understand. Take it from me, it does not have to be that way. The internet has given many with no hope of retiring with dignity, the ability to not only retire but live now and live a better life.

You can make money by learning how to start an internet business from home.

Granted it is not easy finding the right online business opportunity with all of the hype and scams out there.

Is it worth the time it takes to find the right one? The question is, what are your alternatives? For me there was none, so it did not matter how long it took,

I was going to start an internet business from home, because it was my line in the sand. There was no turning back, no other choices.

What about you? 

If you are where I was, what do you have to lose. Like Michael Vick, you may want to have the past back so you can change it, not going to happen. We are responsible for where we have been, where we are and where we are going.

The present and future are blessings that will be lost unless you seize them. 

If you decide you want to learn how to start an internet business from home, a little advice.

First there are no guarantees in life or top online businesses, so if someone offers you one, think twice.

Second make sure that it is one of the top online business opportunities with great training and support.

Last but not least, whether it is an internet business or not, find something you feel good about and can love doing.  Change is not easy, so if you are going to go through it, make it worth it.

We all have the ability to change for the better, the key is to begin now and never quit. 

If you are reading this article, there is a good chance you are where I was. If you can relate to my story, take a look at what has worked to not only support my family, but to help us dream and dream big again.

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As always to your health wealth and happiness.