Legitimate Internet Marketing Training Company Seen As Fraud?

Legitimate Internet Marketing Training Company Seen As Fraud?

legitimate-internet-businesses-trainingThis morning I spent way too much time on the phone with someone that wanted me to convince him that my business would deliver internet marketing training, and was not a scam or a fraud.

This person had been to my website, gone through the copy, video and audio. He already knew everything that I told him about our company. 

Paying out more than $4 Million in commission in 5 months, doing business in more than 150 countries and had a positive affect on the lives of thousands of families for the better.

I think anyone would agree, it is difficult to stay in business, especially on the internet, if you are not offering a product or service that is in demand and giving service. So therefore I can honestly say that I am a member of a legitimate internet marketing training company.

No one likes to be called a phony or their business a fraud, but I have given up trying to convince people.

I tell them to do what I do, go with your instincts, if it does not feel right, don’t do it. That goes for my business as well.

I am happy to say there are many people that do feel good about what they read and are able to make an informed decision.

It is sad that so many people want to take advantage of others without giving anything in return. Individuals that want something for nothing or to get rich quick without investing time or money.

This brings me to the second reason that I am writing this article. I witnessed an accident today, which I am sure many have seen before.

A minor, minor car accident. When I say minor, I mean one car drifting a foot at less than five miles an hour and tapping another.

Legitimate Internet Marketing Training Company Seen As Fraud?

That happened in the lane next to mine at a red light.  I didn’t think anything of it, went on about my errands and returned about 10 minutes later to find 3 police cars, 2 fire trucks and an ambulance taking the two passengers of the car away.

I just have to say “are you kidding me?

“Once again valuable resources that could be needed for a serious incident, lost to fraud.

Someone seeing a way to get something for nothing, being dishonest.

So I understand why people are so skeptical about network marketing companies and doing business in general.

I don’t like it and I am sure the majority of honest people feel the same way. I have learned the more you try to convince someone that you are the good guys, the more defensive you get and the guiltier you look.

If you really are a legitimate business you don’t have to say it in words, the proof is in your actions and as they say, “the cream always rises to the top”.

Provide value and service that has a benefit to others and the right people will find you and get it.

Keep the faith. There is more good than bad on the internet and in the world we live.

In many cases that good becomes great and takes us places we have never been. I also believe that right will win out over wrong in the long run.

Legitimate Internet Marketing Training Company Seen As Fraud?

Go with your instincts, they may not always be perfect, learn from your mistakes, keep your head up and keep moving forward.

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As always to your health, wealth and happiness.

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