It’s Not About Making Money

It’s not about making money….’s about earning a profit

I just made $25.00…..

You know a lot of people will tell you they are making money online, hundreds, usually thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars.

The real question is are they earning a profit?

When I say I just made $25.00, I mean I just earned a $25.00 profit.

Look at the screenshot below.

This is an email notification automatically
generated each time I earn income.

The bottom one is $25.00 (which is what it
cost me to generate these leads….the second
one is $25.00 which is profit.

That is $50.00 income over a span of a couple
of minutes, but the $25.00 is once a month.

So each additional $25.00 generated for the
entire month is added to the profit.

So, if I only got one of these messages every
day for the rest of the month, my total profit
would be $725.00.

It’s not about making money….’s about earning a profit

I understand, to a of some you, that is not much.

To others, it would make a big difference in
your life.

Either way, here is the real beauty of it…..
this income is residual, meaning recurring.

So if I were able to duplicate this month
after month……the 2nd month it would be $1450,
3rd $2175 and so on…….

There are other variables that would change these
numbers up or down, so what.

We are talking about earning $700-$2000 profit with
a $25.00 product.

If you could do that, just think what you could do
with a $100, $500, $1000 and $3000 product. The
principles are the same, the profit is greater.

YOUR number one goal in business has to be to
earn a profit…without it you won’t last long
(unless you’re already independently wealthy).

It’s not about making money….’s about earning a profit

So stop spending money on crap that does not
work and start earning a profit.

Join now it’s $25.00, click on the link below.

Not sure if you can do it, watch the proof video
here Make A Profit Online Proof

As always to your health, wealth and happiness.

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