How To Choose – Buy – Setup & Forward A Go Daddy Domain Name

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How to Choose, Buy, Setup And Forward a “Go Daddy Domain”

What’s in a name? When it comes to Domain Names everything.

Your Domain Name is going to have an affect on your search engine ranking, which will determine how many people actually find you, also called “traffic”.

When choosing your Domain Name, think carefully, but do not take days, weeks or months.

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Branding yourself is easy if your name is available, choose if not just add a prefix (ex. workwith,teamwith) or a suffix (ex. team,blog)…always try to get the .com   not the .net, .org etc…

If you want to promote your company, check to find out if they have any restrictions using their name, if not, use the same concept with or…..these are just a few of the thousands of choices available.

If you are looking for a name that is something else, here are some simple rules to follow that will make it easier.

1.     25 Characters or less

2.     No numbers 1 2 3 4 or one two three four

3.     No words that sound like numbers to too for

4.     Do not have two S’s together

5.     Find the keywords that you want, write them all down individually on a piece of     paper.

6.     Mix and Match Them

7.    Narrow it down to 10 choices as the

8.    write them all down, read them, say them, apply the rules pick the one that         works best. (Now get a 2nd opinion from someone you trust.

9.     Buy It!

There are a lot of domain providers out their I prefer Go Daddy for my domain names, there is a link below the video to get your Go Daddy domain name at a discount.

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