How To Change My IP Address A Hide My Ass Review

How To Change My IP Address A Hide My Ass Review

I searched for an easy free way of how to change my IP address and there really was no such thing, unless you are a programmer. The next step was to review the paid services out there and my conclusion was that “Hide My Ass Review” was the best VPN for my needs.

In the video below I show why…

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What are the 5 main benefits of using a VPN?

  1. Secure your internet connection on non-secured networks. Connecting to networks you have no control over (such as WiFi hotspots) is risky because your online traffic can easily be intercepted by hackers operating on the same network. This can include websites you are visiting as well as usernames/passwords used to login to websites. By using our VPN service your online traffic will be encrypted and hidden from people trying to steal your sensitive web traffic data.
  2. Become anonymous and protect your online identity. By encrypting your online web traffic everything you do online will become anonymous and your online identity will be hidden. Anonymity is vital for identity protection and to ensure what you do online is never revealed to hackers and network snoops.
  3. Virtually reside in another country and bypass geographic web blocks. Some websites may restrict content to specific countries which can be annoying if you are abroad and away from your home country. Simply connect to one of our VPN server locations in thecountry you wish to virtually reside’ in and you will trick the website into thinking you are actually in the specified country.
  4. VPN’s work with everything on your computer. Not to be confused with web proxies, a VPN will automatically anonymously encrypt all applications on your computer, whether this be your web browser, instant messaging client or file sharing application.
  5. Bypass censorship and internet restrictions. The World Wide Web is not so world-wide for some countries and internet service providers. VPN’s help bypass censorship and limits imposed by your internet service provider or government.

The HMA Difference

  1. Extensive geographic coverage with servers in 52 countries to ensure fast connection speeds.
  2. One price gets you access to all 301 VPN servers, no complex plans or usage limits.
  3. Hide behind 35’000+ usable IP addresses, the largest amount of any VPN service.
  4. Each time you connect you get a new IP for increased anonymity.
  5. Multiple VPN protocols to use including OpenVPN and PPTP.
  6. Access to custom-built HMA! Pro VPN software.
  7. No bandwidth limitations.
  8. VPN servers added regularly.
  9. Fast and responsive support team.
  10. 30 day money back guarantee.

What Users Say!


I have used HMA VPN for quite a well now off and on. The softwareitself is great! Very stable. I have used it successfully on mymac, iphone and ipad. The support itself is always fast and polite.First instance, HMA accidentally charged my pay pal account for 2months instead of 1. So i emailed them and had a response andrefund with 48 hours of letting them know of the incident. GreatService!

My first year of using HMA Pro VPN on Windows 7 from the centralUSA will end in about 10 days. Unlike the VPN service that itreplaced, HMA is consistently reliable and fast without unexpecteddisconnects. Switching locations on demand is easier than boilingwater. I cannot think of a single occasion when HMA was problematicor unavailable over the last year. Not one. Renewal is a certainty.

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As always to your health, wealth and happiness.


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