How To Article Marketing For Best SEO Results

How To Article Marketing For Best SEO Results

15K-Per-Month-Formula-Review-SEOIn this “How To Article Marketing For Best SEO Results” I am going to show you;

  1. Actual results achieved with this simple free strategy
  2. The basic article structure for submitting to directories
  3. How and why to use links and I anchor text
  4. How to generate links without knowing HTML free and easy

Below is a video with screenshots of actual results achieved with one article that I wrote using the exact same free article marketing strategy and structure that I am sharing with you here. This is a complete How To Article Marketing step by step video.

The following structure can be used on any article marketing directory or article

What you want to do is lay out your article on Notepad or Word document to start.

The first thing you want to do is decide which website and page you want to back link
your article, to drive traffic to, put this link at the top of your page.

Second you want a keyword rich title. What that means is, you need to have
whatever keyword you’re trying to rank for in your title.

Also try to make your title eye catching so that when people say it they will want to know what your article is about or at least it is something they are searching for.

The next step is to write a summary of your article, Two or three sentences explaining what
your article is about.

It is important that you do not copy and paste from within your article,
this content needs to be unique and truly a summary.

Each part of the article marketing structure is important, obviously your article body
needs to entice the reader to get through the entire article so that they make it to your
links at the bottom and end up at the webpage you linked this article to.

With article marketing the article body should be between 500 and 700 words, if less
many directories will not publish and if more you should consider using the content to do
two articles.

How To Article Marketing For Best SEO Results

As with your article marketing title the article body needs to be keyword enriched. A
good rule of thumb is to have your keyword sprinkled throughout approximately one time
for every 100 words.

Another important note, the keyword needs to make sense in the sentence is used, do
not put the keyword in just to have it there. If you do your reader is not going to make it
through the article and you will not get a click through to your website.

Below the article body we want to put our keywords. We are looking for two to four long tailed
phrases. Long tail keywords are 3 to 5 words in length. The reason the reason we only
want to use two to four long tailed keywords is because we do not want to confuse the search

We want to search engines like Google to know exactly which keyword we are trying to
rank for.

The final piece to the article marketing ranking structure is the resource box. In the
resource box we will have two links only. These links are also known as our anchor text,
which is our keyword.

When I learned this technique I’m going to share with you now, my articles started to rank
on Google consistently.

The first link will be to the blog posts or webpage where your article originated. This link
is for the search engine only, we do not want the reader to click on it.

The second link is to our target page, it could be a capture page, video or sales page.

Whatever it is the goal of everything we have just gone over is to get your reader to this

To generate these links for free without knowing HTML knowledge use “MySpace Link
Generator” (just Google that) and walk through the steps to create your anchor text link.

How To Article Marketing For Best SEO Results

This how to article marketing for best SEO results works for me time and time again and it will work for you just as easily.

If you would like to learn more, my next post with video will show you how to take the article you write and create hundreds of backlinks at the click of a button.

Be the first to get this, find out how, watch the FREE Video at How To Article Marketing For Best SEO Results.

As always to your health, wealth and happiness.

Jim Whittaker

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