Have Your Ever Heard The Phrase Time Is Money? Thats Bulls*%t!

Time Is Money? But What If Less Time Equals More Money? What If?

If time is money and we all have the same amount of time, wouldn’t we all have the same amount of money. What is less time equals more money?

What If?

Time Is Money? But What If Less Time Equals More Money? What If?

I learned the hard way, time does not equal money and money does not equal freedom.

I was a slave to my real estate business, working 7 days a week and having a phone ringing off the hook almost 24 hours a day.

There was lots of money and no time….then a shift in the market came and my life was turned upside down.

Now there was no money and no time. I felt like a hamster on a wheel, getting up everyday, going through routines but not getting anywhere.

Actually moving backward, sliding down the fiscal cliff at a pace that could not be stopped.

The end of that journey was the end of life as I knew it.

time is money

I sold everything I could, cut out anything that was not a necessity and it still was not enough.

I lost my home, car, motorcycles…really all of the things that I had become accustomed to having. I felt like a total loser.

Something strange happened, the phone stopped ringing and time was created from a lack of work…even though at times I would be working 2 or 3 jobs, in between was time to myself.

More free time than I had in years. Of course I had no money to travel or do something luxurious. It was odd because I was broke and not quite homeless, but feeling a freedom I had not know in my adult life.

I was always ambitious and constantly striving for ways to improve my self and never really took time to smell the roses. Now I had a taste of what it was like.

Time Is Money? But What If Less Time Equals More Money? What If?

I asked myself, what if, I could do both? What if I could make a great living and not be a slave to my job?

What if I could have it all? After all other people were doing it, right.

And then I heard something, “If making money isn’t easy, you ain’t doing it right”.

It was a video just like the one on this page that changed everything.

A renewed passion for living and earning. A new belief that you can have it all and you don’t have to kill yourself and sacrifice your family to get it.

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Maybe you don’t want more time, or to visit exotic places around the world, to spend real quality time with your family. maybe you don’t want the attention that comes from success…thats ok. It is ok if you don’t take action.

One simple phrase spoke in a video changed my life forever. One small decision that I made to click that link shifted my destiny. What if…..what if I would not have clicked that link.


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As always to your health, wealth and happiness.

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