Entrepreneur Success & Internet Marketing Training Course “Julie Julia” Movie Review

entrepreneur-successThis movie is a true entrepeneur success story. It is two true stories oftwo very determined women. One is a pre-internet successful entrepeneur. The second is a modern day internet marketer using blogging and great stories. That is why I label this movie as an internet marketing training course

What a great movie, Meryl Strep is fantastic as always. This movie was so much more than just a great story. It was inspirational and educational. There are many people in the world that may not feel they have much to offer society and hopefully this movie will show them that they are wrong.

Two women found there calling in different ways. Both looking for a way to add value to their individual lives and society. One through her life’s passion and the other by making a long term commitment. Neither of them did it by reinventing the wheel, but taking existing successes and adding to and building on them.

The hardest part of writing this article is trying to tell you enough to make you want to see the movie, without spoiling it with too much information.

As a man that is not into “chick flicks”, more of a “Rambo” kind of guy, at first glance this would have been my last pick out of a choice of two. Luckily for me and now you, I was on a training call with Mike Koenig, founder and owner of Traffic Geyser  he saw it and explained it in a way that put it at the top of my list. Hopefully I can do the same for you.

The reason this could be entrepreneurs success or internet marketing training course is the characteristics that each of these women possessed and took action on are vital to the success of those looking to take the entrepreneurial path. Julie took it a step farther for internet marketing training; using one of the better known free strategies we all have access too.

First Julia Childs, she had been a career woman, married later in life and traveling with her husband’s job, just wanted something to do to occupy her time. The question her husband asked is one all successful entrepreneurs need to ask themselves, “What do you love to do?” In her case it was eating and the rest is history. If you don’t know the history, please, see the movie.

Then there was Julie a young married female with no children, living in New York, commuting to and from work every day. In a career helping others but not really feeling she was accomplishing enough. Therefore she decides to prepare all of the meals in Julia Childs Cookbook in one year (500+), that’s almost two a day. Not only is she making them, she creates a blog and reports the entire experience beginning to end in a daily journal format. Not going to tell you if she succeeded. That’s right, got to see the movie. Really I am not getting a kick back for anyone that goes, I just really think you will enjoy it.

Where are we, so far the two characteristics that will get you through the tough times as an entrepreneur, a passion for what you are doing and a long term commitment engraved in stone. The last thing successful entrepreneurs need to get over the hump of rough roads is SUPPORT. They both had great support behind them.

It does not mean that you cannot make it without it. You have a greater chance of success with it and life will be a lot easier.

Never considered myself a movie critic, but it was kind of fun, if it helps you decide on your next film, that’s even better. For all of you in an internet marketing career, really a must see, enjoy.

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