Empower Network Review Founders David Wood & Dave Sharp

Empower Network Review

Founders David Wood & Dave Sharp

As of this first day of December 2011 Empower Network is all the buzz in the industry.

Over 9000 members in only 3 weeks, over $900,000 in commissions paid out to members in that same period of time.

I am not sure if that has ever been done before, but if it has, I am not aware of it.


So let’s take a look at the good and the bad of the Empower Network founded by David Wood and Dave Sharp.

So what is the Empower Network, what are they selling and why are so many people buying it?

The best way to describe what is being sold is Empowerment, WHAT? I know what you are thinking, how do you bottle empowerment and sell it.

The purpose of this network is to empower the people who are in the trenches of the internet marketing industry.

How does that work, let me explain. Up until now in the network marketing industry if you went to work with a company and you have success selling their product or service, the money would go to the company and then be filtered down to you in smaller portions, depending on where you are in the food chain.

In the Empower Network when you sell a service, subscription or product, when the customer pushes add to cart and authorizes the sale, the money, 100% of it goes directly into your bank account.

If there is residual income derived from that such as subscriptions, 100% of that goes into your account as well each month it is renewed. In other words everyone is on equal footing. There are some members that have earned more income in a day than the founders themselves.

Members of the Empower Network have access to training from other members that are some of the best internet marketers in the world.

Additional training products can be purchased and with the product also comes resale rights. In other words, if you buy a product for $100 then you can sell that product for $100 over and over again making your money back and creating a profit…while you are reading this,

I know it sounds too good to be true. At this point I need to put in the FTC disclaimer that this is only a review article these are hypothetical examples, there are no guarantees of income if you join this company,  just saying.

Empower Network Review

Founders David Wood & Dave Sharp

OK, back to the review. The single most amazing fact that I have found from those I have heard from to reference this article, are the number of people that have been in mlm network marketing for years without ever having any success and are now stepping out. Some making their first $25 ever, some $100 and some their first 4 figure earnings. They are obviously raving fans of the Empower Network.

Before I get into exactly what they are doing, let’s talk about the bad.

The Empower Network is growing at a pace that not even the founders could have envisioned. With growing pains come problems, the servers have crashed two times taking the network down for a short period of time.

Some people might say that is a good thing, but when you are bringing in 400 to 500 new people a day, any down time is bad.

The good side of this is the way the founders have handled it. Members say “they are upfront and honest each and every step of the way.” They have had live streaming calls, explaining the problem, what the solution is and the plan for accomplishing it.

As a matter of fact, they are so honest and open that there is a page that members have access to with the company financials for all to see. When was the last time your company let YOU take a look at the books?

So how do they do it? The Founders call it a Simple 3 Step Viral Blogging System That Instantly Deposits Money Into Your Account Today. 1. Blog Daily 2. Tell Others 3. Make Money.

Empower Network Review

Founders David Wood & Dave Sharp

Each member is given a blog that is already set up and optimized for the Empower Network and they are asked to post one blog a day, about anything, not just network marketing or the organization. Rather than me telling you about it, go here and watch a free video that explains the details at The Empower Network Review, enjoy.

As always to your health, wealth and happiness.

P.S. – In doing my research for this review, I could not resist joining myself, therefore I highly recommend.the Empower Network. If you join this company from my link I will earn income and in addition to the training you will recieve through the network, I will personally help teach you to do the same.


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