Empower Network Inner Circle Made My Head Explode

Empower Network Inner Circle

empower-network-inner-circleI have been online for 3 years and have never had access to so many top producers opening the curtain and exposing some of their most guarded secrets.

The Empower Network Inner Circle product supplies members with 2 or 3 audio trainings each week. These are in an interview format, approximately an hour long each.

Most of the top earners within the Empower Network have already participated as trainers on the “Empower Network Inner Circle”.

We are also showered with a ton of value from co-founders David Wood and Dave Sharp. Network marketers have paid hundreds and thousands of dollars to get this information.

Below is an overview of some of the topics that have been covered so far.

Down and Dirty Marketing Secrets

In this weekly training call David Sharpe and David Wood and will teach you the things to avoid in your business what will result in hang ups and struggles and eventually lead you to poverty and disappear.

Influence and Inspire People To Buy Your Products, Join Your Businesses And Love You For It

In this weekly conference call David Wood and David Sharpe talked about the power of influence and inspiration through telling a story or your story, and how to move people to action to buy your products, join your business and love you for it.

The Power of Unity

In this weekly training call David Wood and David Sharpe explore the power of unity in business, and how collaboration diminishes competition and creates a more opportunity for everyone. They also give insight to where the disconnect is with most people and how locking arms with a more unified greater purpose can change individuals businesses and our industry as a whole.

Hypotonic Selling Secrets

In this weekly training David Sharpe and David Wood layout out the foundation for how to use hypnotic language in your empower-network-inner-circle-audiospresentations and sales messages. They talk about influence and persuasion tactics that will make your marketing message become more powerful with your prospects and result in more sign ups and more sales.

Empower Network Inner Circle

How To Close 95% Of Prospects Into Your Business

In this weekly training call David Sharpe and David Wood teach the dynamics of closing; what to look for in yourself and what to look for your prospects. We’ll give real life examples of what language to use and how to approach people regardless of their personality. Most people think closing is a secret. We’ll dispel that myth and teach you how to overcome your struggles with closing prospects …like a boss!

Other presenters included Toby & Layla Black, how they earned $20K in their first 7 days with Empower Network and how you can dramatically increase your success with the same strategies.

Tracie Walker, how to create a culture of raving followers through social media and smart direct response marketing.

Interview with Lawrence Tam. #1 income earner in Empower Network. How he does it in only 15 hours a week. He is a part time network marketer, full time engineer, a husband and a Dad..

Jon Mroz, how to be a sponsoring machine. Jon is one of the most prolific recruiters in the industry, personally sponsoring thousands of people in network marketing companies. He shares his secrets of success in this exclusive interview.

Kris Darty is a rising star that earned more than $4000 his very first day with Empower Network.His is a spiritual guy and whether you share his beliefs or not, you will be inspired by his story and is very open with how he has climbed the ladder of network marketing  in a short timeframe.

I could go on and on, but if you can not see the value in this product at this point, it would be a waste of my time and yours.

Empower Network Inner Circle

If you are struggling in your network marketing business, the Empower Network Inner Circle is a consistent flood of strategies that you can implement immediately into your business to create more traffic and profit.

Get into the most sharing and caring community on the web NOW at Empower Network Inner Circle.

As always to your health, wealth and happiness.

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