Dog Dentist – Dad Attaches Daughter’s Loose Tooth To Family Dog And Pulls It By Playing Fetch

Dog Dentist – Dad Attaches Daughter’s Loose Tooth To Family Dog And Pulls It By Playing Fetch

My children are grown and should not need a baby tooth pulled at this point in their life, but for those of you that still have young’ins…check this out.

Oh yeah, you will need a dog dentist too!

You can find hundreds of ways to pull a tooth on the internet, but I have never seen one that involved a dog until now.

Back in 2010, Channing Ray‘s six year old daughter‘s tooth was loose, so he enlisted the help of the family dog Clancy. They attached his daughters tooth to Clancy, and gave her a ball to throw for him to catch.

She threw it and almost instantly, it was all over before it even started.

Dad couldn’t have been more pleased with Clancy. “He’s a dentist!”

Considering the Dad is a Dentist, he may be putting himself out of business (replaced by a canine).

I am sure there are people seeing this shouting child abuse. I have never seen a faster, more efficient painless way to remove a child’s tooth. Of course it did work perfectly in this case, with animals, children and string, it is not always going to be perfect, so you may not want to try this at home.


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