Beer Is Good & People Are Crazy Not Starting A Work From Home Business

Country singer Billy Currington was the inspiration for this peice with his song “People Are Crazy” I don’t want to start a work from home business; I would rather commute long hours, miss family events and make someone else rich, is that crazy? Why is that the norm and not the exception? 

Top of the list responses would be security and being afraid to make changes in life (also know as the fear of the unknown).

Who is really secure today, whether in corporate america, the real estate or mortgage industry, or struggling with your own brick and mortar business.Can we really feel secure in these current times or do we just make ourselves beleive it is so for peace of mind.

What do we do, make a decision to transform now, before it is too overdue or delay and say “what if”. A great book entitled “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson, MD describes this scenerio best . The craziest time in any ones life is when they are out of control and forced into change. We see in the news and read in the paper daily of the out of their mind things that some people due when faced with this kind of pressure.

The logical thing to do would be to create additional value in yourself now by gaining knowledge and new skills. The most successful home business entrepeneurs are rarely focused on money, it is usually something much more personal like family.

Understand that a work from home opportunity is a business and should not be entered into lightly. No matter what you read or hear on the internet a work from home business is a job. I hate to call it that because it is so much fun when you conquer it. Working from home has allowed me to accomplish my main goal of having more time with my wife, family and friends. It is work, but there is no comparison to anything you have ever done.

Think of it this way, you need to become a work from home professional. Less than 10% of those that dive into the work from home business actually earn a profit, those 10% are the professionals. Experts at their skill, proficient in their time management and above all a winning mindset. In the year 2009 and beyond, that equates to internet marketing mastery. Just like doctors, lawyers, electricians and plumbers, who also go  through mentoring, apprenticeship or internships for years. Has there ever been a better time? Not really, so knowing all that needs to be done are you ready to begin your work from home business journey?.

If you are independently wealthy or if as the aforementioned song goes “he was a millionaire,he left his fortune to some guy he barely knew” (you), then there is not much value in this article.  If thats not you and you need to work, why not work for yourself and work from home.

Do I have any regrets, yes. I am not different from most, I waited until I was forced to seek change. Not the brightest guy in the world, but smart enough to not make the same mistake twice and give others some basic advice.

To get started gaining the expertise and developing the skills needed to produce a booming work from home business fill in your information in the form to the right of this page and you will be on your way to making that needed change.

As always, wishing you success and happiness.

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