Automatic Article Submitter vs Article Marketing Robot Review

Automatic Article Submitter vs
Article Marketing Robot Review

Since you are considering this (AMR) “Article Marketing Robot Review“, I assume you have been hurt by goods that insinuate they have everything and deliver a small amount.

That is the basis for how I got up the courage to start doing these product reviews, because I have been in your shoes many times. It is also an opportunity to get the word out on products that deliver as much if not more value than promised.

This is a review site – Click here to visit Article Marketing Robot Official Website

What gives me authority to do an Article Marketing Robot Review? I have been using this software for more than a year, so I have a good awareness of the ability, support and effectiveness.

In this editorial you will read one man’s judgment of the good and the bad.

To start with it seems it would be obvious, but I do want to say it any way, if you use any automated article submission software to blast your article to the biggest number of article directories achievable, you will see an enhanced result than if you don’t and improve your article marketing campaigns.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get critical about this product review.

Article Marketing Robot is recommended by some of the best article marketers in the world, David Wright who said “It is the best article submitter on the market. I sent an article yesterday and within minutes it was number 1 on the first page of google.” 1 of my own coaches, suggested it to me, so I gave it a try.

At the time I was using “Automatic Article Submitter” and felt that it was a good product. It only took me a short time to realize that this product was much more efficient and powerful.

This is a review site – Click here to visit Article Marketing Robot Official Website

The first thing I noticed and was amazed by was the option of an automatic caption solver, “O” how much I love this feature. Don’t you just hate filling in those little boxes that you can”t read most of the time.

Second was the consistent updates, something that I noticed Automatic Article Submitter stopped doing a while ago.

Third, many more article directories and choices of the quality of the directories submitted to and the ease and speed of the submissions. Far out performing Automatic Article Submitter.

Forth, integration with Article Builder….a tremendous automatic article creator. (More in this tool and the powerful combination of the two, in my next article.

So the question is, does Automatic Article Submitter measure up to its praise?

What is the main purpose of automatic article submission software?

To deliver your article to as many directories as possible with ease in a minimal amount of time. If this was the only criteria we were looking at, I would say it passes with flying colors,

Since this “Article Marketing Robot Review” is running a little long and I still have a lot to cover, I am going to put the rest of my evalualtion in a follow up article.

We will look at each step of the process and rate it on a scale of zero to five, zero being terrible and five as good as it gets.

If you are like me and can’t wait for the follow up, just check out the information below.

This is a review site – Click here to visit Article Marketing Robot Official Website

An excellent investment if you are serious about “article marketing” and want to
improve article marketing campaigns.

Test drive this powerful software absolutely FREE, go to Article Marketing Robot Review NOW!

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