Apple iPhone 5 Scrolling Glitch Hardware Or Software Problem

Apple iPhone 5 Scrolling Glitch Hardware Or Software Problem

When scrolling to the Apple iPhone 5 it will be intermitent and sometimes stop all together.

Not sure if it is a hardware or a software problem, check out the video below and let us know what you think.

Here is what they had to say at (a gadget comparison website);

“The Apple iPhone 5 has for the most part proved that the hardware and software at work are robust and efficient.

Sure Apple Maps has caused people discomfort but as a slim, crafted smartphone, it’s still on of the best. Be that as it may, game developers CMA Megacorp tweeted and posted on Facebook a glitch they’d encountered with no previous reports of it having existed so we had to check it out for ourselves.

Using the two iPhone 4Ss on the most recent versions of iOS and the same split on two iPhone 5s, we testing the theory that the diagonal scrolling input drops out on the newer handsets at high speed. The problem is exacerbated by scrolling diagonally and asyou can see only occurs on the iPhone 5s.”

They’re unsure if this is iOS-based or an iPhone 5 hardware issue, but you can found out more on the matter at:

Appleā€™s iPhone 5 had been called one of the biggest smartphone launches in history.

Apple has not yet made a statement about this bug.


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