15K Per Month Formula Review Offline Marketing Webinar 5

15K Per Month Formula Review
Offline Marketing

In this dynamic two part series, there is a violent collision between
online and offline marketing was displayed.

The 15K Per Month Formula Review webinar 5 opened up with the
offline marketing strategy voice broadcasting.

I say offline but, in this complete detailed instruction we are taught
how to seamlessly weave this strategy with online marketing

Ed Grabowski, also known as “Ed from Ohio” presented an easy to
Follow organized format. His presentation included step by step
slides as well as proof of personally attained results from the
scripts and techniques he revealed.

Ed showed us;

How he is able to contact up to 12,000 people in an hour or less

How to tie your message to an online capture page.

15K Per Month Formula Review
Offline Marketing

The structure and actual wording for a 30 second message and the
critical items it MUST contain.

What is a “6 Second Hook” and why is it vital to your success?

It is obvious why Ed likes to use voice broadcasting, he is an
excellent communicator and was able to share a lot of material
in a short period of time.

He asked one question, “if you could spend $100 and make $200,
would you?”

If your answer is yes, tap into part 1 of this 15K Per Month
Formula webinar 5.

Chris Campbell was the master of ceremonies for the direct mail
marketing portion of the 15K Per Month Formula Review offline
marketing webinar.

Considered by some to be the simplest Marketing Strategy covered in
the program.

Direct mail can be done with inexpensive postcards to full blown
multi-page sales letters.

Chris broke down the process in laymen’s terms. He took us through
a complete campaign from how to choose your fonts, paper and
envelopes to high end up sells.

We learned intricate components that most people would not even
consider relevant, but have an important affect on your results.

In regard to results, you will learn what to expect and why.

Chris gave an unexpected bonus in this presentation, how to get your
marketing done for free with a little know trick…you will need to get
the course to find out what it is.

15K Per Month Formula Review
Offline Marketing

Value, how do you measure it. If I can make more money than I spend,
there is value. The 15K Per Month Formula is packed with VALUE.

Each individual portion is worth more than the cost of the entire course.
If you have paid for any online training, you understand what I am saying.

Get in on the most sought after course on the internet today watch a FREE Video that explains how to get in at the 15K
Per Month Formula Review

As always to your health, wealth and happiness.

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