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The First 15K Per Month Formula Review

Wow, the 15K Per Month Formula is off and running, sorry you cannot buy it yet. Yeah I know, what a bummer.

Don’t worry this entire course will be available in about two months and if you want to stay updated on the entire course and a complete review,¬† subscribe to my blog for instant updates as the formula unfolds, step by step.

Ok, let’s get right to it, day 1 was amazing, over three hours of content (over delivered as usual, on what was promoted as an hour of info) from people that are doing it online and doing it big.

What I mean by doing is they are earning 5 figures a month minimum (a requirement for teaching the course). Makes sense would you want to learn the how to make 15K A Month Formula from someone earning less.

About the coaches on this first webinar,of course Empower Network co-founders David Wood and David Sharp who are responsible for putting this amazing event together  opened up the series with some great insights into what they have planned for us. Two webinars a week for six weeks.

If they are all like tonight that will be about 36 hours of content, not just content, great quality content.

So, What is the 15K Per Month Formula Review

Webinar or in your case video 1 is on Blogging For Profit. I have taken many blogging courses and they all offered something helpful, but this was the complete enchilada.

I don’t mean the boring stuff of how to set a blog up, I mean how to find and create great content.

How to present that content and how to set it up so that your blog post rank at the top of google and other search engines, every time.

The first presenter was Kris Darity who went over what you should consider when considering what to right about. He talked about how to

Courtesy Of Business Week
Courtesy Of Business Week

deliver value and articles that people will seek out and are already looking for.

Kris was followed by Stephanie (so intrigued by what she was saying did not get last name, sorry) who gave a bullet point outline of the do’s and don’ts for success with your post.

She was very precise, communicated in a way that anyone could understand, was blunt and to the point. In other words she did not hold anything back.

The closer was Tracey Walker and if you don’t know Tracey you should.

Tracey talked on the topic of SEO, tags and keywords for getting your blog ranked. This is a subject that many dread because they are not tech savvy and believe it will take months or weeks to learn and perform.

Tracy Walker laid this out in less than an hour, in a way that a fifth grader could understand and take action. I know what your saying, am I smarter than a fifth grader, the answer is yes.

If I can do this stuff you can to. As a matter the odds are that I am older than you are, so take it from an old dog, you can learn new tricks. If you don’t want to wait two months to get started, join our team now and we will teach you every step of the way.

Oh yeah and you won’t need to set up a blog, just start posting on your own, that is already set up and top ranked. Go to the 15K Per Month Formula Reviewenter your email address and watch a video by two good friends of mine that explain how it works. As always to your health wealth and happiness.

The End Of The First 15K Per Month Formula Review

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